Lake Wenatchee is a beautiful alpine lake located twenty miles north of Leavenworth in Washington State's Cascade Mountains. Visitors can reach the lake by taking Highway 2 and exiting on State Route 207.

The lake is located about five miles north on State Route 207 and has good signage.

Lake Wenatchee Picnic

Glaciers and snowmelt from the mountains towering up to 6,000 feet feed Lake Wenatchee, which is at an elevation of 1,800 feet. The lake is approximately five miles long and has a depth of 244 feet, at its deepest point.

The lake's main tributaries are the White River and the Little Wenatchee River, which enter the lake on its western side. The Wenatchee River is its primary outflow, and begins on the lake's eastern end.

A Year–Round Recreation Destination

The lake is a popular destination for recreation throughout the year. Lake Wenatchee State Park is located on the lake's eastern end and has many camping sites and an excellent beach.

In the winter, the lake freezes over and the State Park has trails for cross–country skiing and snowshoeing.

In the warmer months, the trails can be used for hiking and equestrian riding. Other activities during the year include: swimming, fishing, canoeing, water skiing, and windsurfing.

Lake Wenatchee Beach

Getting There

Lake Wenatchee State Airport is an unimproved grass and dirt landing strip that is located near the lake. Fish Lake, a smaller but also popular lake, is located about two miles northeast of Lake Wenatchee.

The town of Plain, which is on the Wenatchee River, is the nearest town to the lake, located about seven miles to the southeast on State Route 209. State Route 209 is an alternate route to the lake from Leavenworth.

Lake Wenatchee is a beautiful, fun place to visit any time of the year!

Rafting on Lake Wenatchee

More Lake Wenatchee Pictures

The lake is especially beautiful on a clear winter day:

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